Anti-Fibrillation / Anti-Block Master-batches


We also manufacture various kind of calcium carbonate and Talc Field Master-batches under the brand name of “ADDVALUE”. These are recommended for use in raffia tapes, box strapping, ropes,  thin gauge lamination, films for carry bags and liner bags.

These products can also be used for film applications such as shopping bags to improve optical and mechanical properties whilst providing significant cost reduction potential.

Chemical / additives incorporated in these products are food grade ,non-toxic and hazardous.

Grade “Addvalue” PE-8 – White & PE-13 – Blue tone

“Addvalue” PE 8 & PE 13(Blue tone) is designed to provide :

  • The fibrillation tendency  of the oriented PP / HDPE tape is reduced.This results into improvement in the woven fabric quality.
  • The use of “Addvalue” PE 8/PE 13 increase the stiffness of PP / HDPE tapes and imparts better performance on weaving machines.
  • Increase the co-efficient of friction of the surface of  the tapes thereby provides better cloth stability.
  • Better whiteness and improves print-ability.
  • Better filter-ability resulting into lower downtime because of screen blocking / choking.
  • Minimal abrasion or wear of sitting knives, tape guides and weaving machine parts.

Grade “Addvalue” PE -24 – Clear

“Addvalue” PE 24 is designed to provide :

  • Better Clarity, With negligible reduction in transparency, Economic grade for transparent film
  • The use of “Addvalue” PE 24 increases better bonding while lamination.
  • Excellent Processibility
  • Uniform Dispersion
  • High Gloss

Grade “Addvalue” PP -8

“Addvalue” PP 8 is designed to provide :

  • Increases output
  • Better productivity
  • Less machine wear & tear
  • Energy saving
  • Less wastage
  • Reduction in total cost
  • Increases elongation in Raffia Tapes & Tensile Strength of Raffia Tapes
  • Increases adhesion
  • Better whiteness
  • Improves dimensional stability

Product Specifications

Carrier resin  : Suitable for polyolefin (PE & PP)

Loading  : As per consumer’s wishes

Process Parameter : 155° to 300° C

Melt Flow Gravity(190°C / 2.16 KG )  : ASTM test method D 1238 – Unit gram / 10 min – 7.8 to 24 depending upon grade

Specific Gravity : 1.70

Bulk Density(23°) : ASTM test method D 792 – Unit gram / cc – 1.63 to 1.7 depending upon grade

Binder Resin : PE /PP


The information data presented herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied, is made regarding performance or otherwise.