M/S Gujarat Dyestuff Industries Pvt Ltd is a one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of flexo printing inks for HDPE / PP Woven sacks and water based flexo inks etc.

Whenever you think Ink ….. Think ADDVALUE

Circulars inks for printing of HDPE/PP Woven sacks by flexo

  • Novel, Indigenous developed product. It’s common inks for HDPE / PP woven sacks with unique properties like very good nail resistance, urea resistance, alkali resistance with very good tape test adhesion.

Water based inks


With ever increasing prices of solvents and the associated drawbacks of using large quantities of solvent on the health of operators and the negative effects on the environment has forced the printers around the world to look for alternative solution for printing on paper and film substrate mainly used in packaging industry. Paper is a porous substrate offering vary good absorption and adsorption of water based printing inks and with current development of high performance resins and dispersions had enabled us to produce high gloss water based printing inks on various films which match the quality of solvent base printing inks.

Water based inks offer following distinct advantages

  • Odor free printing inks
  • Easy of cleaning the process
  • No toxicity
  • Excellent performance on flexo and gravure printing process
  • High gloss and more mileage due to high resin solids and high color strength with lower viscosity
  • Excellent water and chemical resistance to solvent, AR SR, N.R, AR UR & Tape adhesion H.R & high scuff
  • No hazardous in storing transportation and handling
  • Easy of diluting or adjusting the viscosity and flow behavior of the ink using DI water and small quantity of amine & porous eco solvent
  • Ready availability of water based printing inks along with technical support and all issues
  • It’s also possible to print on extrusion coated film and followed by CORONA treatments
  • Cost effective compare to solvent based on regular printing process
  • Smooth printing from 80 LPI to 1000 LPI Anilox
  • Excellent Half tone prints
  • It’s possible to redesign or offer custom design inks for any specific application

Technical Data sheet for Flexo Printing Inks

“Addvalue” multi gloss flexo graphic / rotogravure printing inks for CARONA TREATED MULTI LAYER POLYETHYLENE FILMS, UNTREATED POLYPROPYLENE & HDPE SUBSTRATES


  • Excellent print-ability
  • High gloss
  • High strength
  • Good tape release
  • Good scuff resistance
  • Good Crinkle resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance properties
  • good water resistance properties.


  • Can be printed on all types of POLYPROPYLENE, POLYETHYLENE, PVC , PT , MST
  • For POLYPROPYLENE, POLYETHYLENE film the CARONA treatment should be 38 dynes/cm for good adhesion and optimum resistance property


  • Excellent print-ability in half tone and good coverage in full tone
  • Free from any printing defects such as streaking and scrumming etc.
  • Excellent rub and scratch resistance


  • The inks have a tolerance with wide range of solvents to accommodate variation in press speed and condition

For Flexo

  • The usual diluents for flexo ink is a blend of IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and butyl alcohol.
  • Ink makers recommendation should be followed in order to get the best printing and optimum drying under various conditions.

For Gravure

  • Recommended for diluents is Toluene or blend of Isopropyl Alcohol and butyl alcohol is recommended as retarder.

Colour range

  • Full range of Pantone basic shades including Metallic, AR/UR & light fast shades.

R & D Department

  • Gujarat Dyestuff Industries Pvt Ltd will continue to develop a large variety of liquid printing inks & reducers which are of high quality, high function and ecologically oriented.With a view of sustaining its growth and also ensuring consistency in every product portfolio it makes, GDIPL develops strategies to launch diverse screen inks to be focused on “niche” markets & nano technology for various products.The most valued contribution of GDIPL R & D in recent times has been the development of unique biocides technology for industrial plastics sectors.To take R&D efforts to new heights,GDIPL is aggressively making conscious and sizable investments to back-up its liquid printing inks preparation business.Our full efforts have facilitated better raw material control, smoother co-ordination of product portfolios and also fostered an excellent mutual empathy of quality priority.

Note & Disclaimer

The information contained as technical data sheet relates only to the specific material designated herein and does not relate to use in combination with any other material or in any process.The information provided herein is based on technical data that M/S Gujarat Dyestuff Industries Pvt Ltd believes to be reliable.No warranty or guarantee expressed or implied , is made regarding performance or otherwise.This information or data may not be considered as a suggestion to use our product without tacking into account existing patents or legal provisions or regulations, whether national or international.Prior to utilization of products it’s recommended to contact manufacturer for technical assistance and guidance related to usage.