PP/HDPE Woven Sacks/Bags


Polypropylene Woven Sacks / Bags

M/S. Gujarat Dyestuff Industries Pvt Ltd supplies a wide range of woven sacks / bags as per the specific requirement of the customer for packing goods ranging from 25 – 100 Kg.

Based on the packaging requirement of the customers and depending on product characteristics , filling, handling and storage requirements, these bags are available with various design options.

As on today the company enjoys a very high reputation for consistent quality of products and its committed service to the customers.The company has installed state of the art plants & machinery, with combined capacity of 15,000 TPA for the manufacturer of PP/HDPE woven fabric, sacks/bags & PE liners.

  • Normal PP/HDPE Woven Sacks and Bags
  • Technical Details
  1. Texture – As required by customers(for aesthetic and anti-slip properties)
  2. Tubular width up to 60 CM and Length / Height as per requirement.
  3. Gussets with straight stitched bottom or “H” or “L” type stitching
  4. Top hemmed or heat-cut or cold cut
  5. Valve / handle – for filling and handling
  6. Micro perforation option
  7. BOPP laminated woven sacks/bags
  8. Lamination – Inside or Outside Polypropylene / Polyethylene Lamination with micro-perforation (If required).
  9. Liner – Polyethylene liner loosely inserted or stitched at bottom and top
  • Circular woven fabrics and bags (Laminated and or Un laminated-Printed and or plain)
  • All types of Bags Like Valve, Bale wraps, Liner bags,Gusseted bags for packing various materials
  • Roll to Roll printing with corona treatment
  • UV stabilized option – Bags can be UV stabilized as per EN 277 or other specific standards